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Two posts, in one day and before lunchtime. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you wake at 5:00am. Those following me on twitter know our kitty, Sam, spent the night at the animal hospital. It’s a critical care center and our vet recommended it based on the chance he might need a blood transfusion and not many places can do this if necessary.

This feels like a Seinfeld episode come to life. I mean, we have two kids, two college educations to worry about and we’re spending thousands of dollars on the family pet? I remember the day the little guy came to be part of our family. It was in Cape Cod almost 12 years ago. I watched the kids next door torture him with their dog and thought Sam was their pet too. Then Labor Day came, the nasty brood packed up and Sam literally showed up on the back deck of the rental house after the most torrential storm. The Mr., back then the Boyfriend, asked if we could bring him inside. Like a mom to a child, I said if you do that you have to be willing to keep him. Anything less would’ve been like giving a homeless person a hot meal and sending them on their way.

We went to the local vet, had him checked out. Found out the little cat I was calling Samantha was really Sam, and registered him with the local authorities in case he was indeed lost. They told us if he wasn’t claimed by time we left in a few days, he was ours to keep. The day we packed the car, the Mr. decided to let Sam have one last hurrah in the backyard. He figured if Sam came back to us, then it was meant to be. I watched from the kitchen window in tears, thinking we’d never see him again. When it was time to go, I patted my hands on my thighs and said “Come here boy”, and out Sam came running through the grass and weeds. He’s been with us ever since. He has a Christmas stocking, and my 6 year old includes him in every family picture she draws.

So now, we wait. The sonogram showed nothing. Later today, the blood tests will show if it’s an infection or a tumor. Let’s pray infection because so far the money for our fifth anniversary getaway is out the window. I’d hate think the kids have to settle for community college if it’s a tumor.


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