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I made it to BlogHer. My friends and family provide a supportive network but I know some thought I was crazy when I said I was going to a blogging conference. It made me think about some months back when contests galore were happening, giving away free trips to BlogHer ’09. Many asked the same question—why do you blog? When I first started it was a way to hone my writing chops and showcase my work since I was starting out in freelance writing career. I started out as a mommy blogger, though I didn’t know the term existed. The Mama Chronicles has gone through a few transformations since January 2007. Most recently, I dedicated a blog to my growing list of recipes, so that means I’m also a food blogger . I had taken a break from this blog simply because I didn’t think I could manage them both. One thing I find is that I always come back here when there’s something causing me angst. Then the lightbulb went off as I was walking home from dropping the kids off at camp and daycare. I blog because it allows me to carve out an identity I often feel I’ve lost as I get deeper entrenched in motherhood. I love being a mom but I was a fiercely independent person in my former life. I could always retreat into my own corner and nurture myself as needed. Motherhood, and marriage for that matter, have a way of zapping time and energy—a double whammy. Blogging here is a way to let my hair down. And even though I often write about the kids and the Mr., it’s a place I can call my own. I hope when you’re here, you feel the same way. Moi maison et toi maison (Does that sounds right Ilana?). Thanks for joining me in the journey. Help yourself to the chocolate peanut cupcakes on the counter and it’s 5:00pm somewhere, so visit one of my favorite mamas, Ilina, over at Dirt & Noise. She’s just one of the many bloggers I’d like to introduce you to in the coming weeks.


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