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I’m pretty protective of my kids. I’m also not crazy about them growing up since I know I can’t, well protect them every step of the way. All this kitty stuff is also making me realize how life is just a series of fleeting moments, passing way too fast.

With IRP, weaning from the boob came pretty natural. I was working in the restaurant business and as her schedule changed, coinciding with the restaurant’s lunch rush, I dropped a pumping session. Then one night, as I rocked her to sleep and went to offer some milk, she turned her head away. She was only seven months. I was crushed. As a working mama, breastfeeding was an important link.

So, here we are with kiddie number two. Fourteen months later, I’m still breastfeeding. Am I making for lost time with her sister, or just addicted? Yes, she drinks cow’s milk, does the bottle and sippy cup thing, but I love the feeling of her suckling, knowing I’m giving her something no one else can. It’s time to move on though. I need my body back and these D cup boobs have gotta go. I miss my old clothes and, besides, it’s the green thing to do by fitting back into them instead of buying new ones, right? (Just agree with me, ok?).

Last night was the first time since I’ve been putting her to bed that no booby juice was offered. She was a bit peeved but did fall asleep. When she woke at 4am, again no mama’s milk and this time she was down right pissed. The screaming lasted almost two hours. Still, I resisted the urge and finally gave her a bottle of milk at six a.m. (which she threw back at me). And, so is this the beginning of the end or a new beginning? She’s becoming more independent and I’ll be able to wear my old tops again without the aid of a safety pin for security.


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