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The Mr. and I finally caught up with HBO’s Grey Gardens this weekend. What an amazing perspective it offered from the chaotic splendor of the original documentary. It also left me feeling both sad and grateful. Aside from the obvious mental fragility of both the Edies, they were victims of their times. Abandoned by their husband, father, sons and brothers, they just weren’t made for those times. Imagine had their story started a few decades later? The idea that a woman’s only way of providing for herself was to find a suitable husband makes me quiver.

I recently did an interview with The Mad Mom for a Momlogic piece. I said it there and I’ll say it here. The work balance, or lack of, often drives me crazy. But, I make sure to remind myself that it’s all on my terms. I can choose to go back to an office job any day (if there’s anything left in this economy). I choose freedom. Freedom to be with my kids. Freedom to have a career. Freedom to be me. Thank you to all the women who made it possible throughout history. It’s still a work in progress but I couldn’t be who I am today without their struggles and perseverance.


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Hungry-monkey Too-many-cooks

Cooking with kids themed cookbooks has been a hot trend for a while, but we all know the dirty truth. Kids, no matter how great an eater they start out, hit culinary crossroad. You can only make so many broccoli trees in a sea in a forest of mashed potatoes before you accept that one day their palates will come to their senses.  Here are two reads I suggest to get you through the “dark ages”. Read my review of them at SheKnows.

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I Heart Mom

Did you notice those pink flowers are in a colander? And that pitcher is actually an herb plant. Do you know a Foodie Mom?

It’s never too early to start thinking about Mother’s Day (don’t worry you have time—it’s May 10th this year). It will always be a special day for me since both my girls were born on Mother’s Day (five years apart mind you, so yes, lightening can strike twice). I remember as a teenager, I couldn’t afford a delivered arrangement so I made my own and paid the kid next door a dollar to do the deed. Mom was delighted by the surprise and my ingenuity for not letting budget stand in my way.

Last week, I got a sneak peek at the new 1-800-Flowers Spot a Mom campaign. We come from every walk of life and have personalities as diverse as snowflakes. With that in mind, their floral and lifestyle team have put together a really beautiful array of affordable arrangements.

Full disclosure: I got some neat swag from this event, and want to let you know that up front (BTW: the Cheryl & Co. cookies were a delicious surprise). But, this isn’t a sponsored post. I get lots of free stuff my day job but I only recommend things I’d actually pony up the bucks for myself. Take a look at these other cool gift ideas, and while you’re at enter 1-800-Flowers Spotlight a Mom contest for the chance to give one lucky lady a luxury vacation.

Katja over at Skimbaco Lifestyle had a nice post on this event too. So check it out for some interesting details on this family-run company. Katja was also featured on Julie Mulligan’s blog (she made that awesome flower-covered show below).

OnTheGoMom RedCarpetMom

On The Go Mom                                                Red Carpet Mom


Gardening Mom

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The Unimaginable

I feel paralyzed. Instead of prepping for my meeting shortly, I’m blogging because I don’t know any other way to get rid of this feeling. Sadness. Dread. Grief. I’m choking back tears as I type. None of my “real world” friends knew Maddie. Heck, I didn’t know Maddie until I heard through the Silicon Valley Moms grapevine that she had passed away. Maddie was the daughter of a fellow mom blogger over at LA Moms Blog. One look at the piercing blue eyes and two-tooth smile is enough to melt your heart. My own 11-month old has that same sparkle in her eyes and glimmer of teeth.

VRP is different, though. She was born on time and healthy. Maddie was born 11 weeks premature and spent 68 days in the hospital before going home. Her parents, Heather and Mike Spohr, have been in and out of the hospital since then. That is until last night when Maddie lost her fight.

There has been an outpouring of cyber support for Maddie’s parents. I’d link to Heather’s blog but it’s down, likely due to the flood of people trying to let her know she’s got a friend. So, while those moms on Oprah are busy complaining, I’m going to take a moment today to really appreciate my kids and hope my worst fears never, ever materialize. Yes, motherhood is tough. Yes, you lose a part of yourself the moment you have children. But, you also gain so much and once it’s gone I imagine it leaves a permanent hole in your heart.

Heather was supposed to participate in the March of Dimes walk later this month. I hope my donation might help another mom from ever having to deal with this terrible pain. Here’s a link to Heather’s walk page if you’d like to help too.

UPDATE: This is from Meghan’s blog, A Mom Two Boys.

A PayPal Account has been set up to assist Heather and Mike with any upcoming expenses. You can donate by sending money, via PayPal to formaddie@hotmomreviews.com. All money received will go directly to them to be used at their discretion.

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photo by Karen Hanrahan as posted on Best of Mother Earth

I wonder how many people will believe McDonald’s 100% pure beef claim after learning this picture is of one of their own hamburgers from 1996. Yes, that’s right—it’s a 12 year old hamburger that looks just like one you’d purchase today. The photographer, Karen Hanrahan is a Wellness Educator and Nutrional Counselor. Hanrahan displays this “prop” along side fresh-bought burgers (the only time you will ever hear me utter fresh and McDonald’s in the same sentence) to show how it has preserved itself for more than a decade. She simply stores it in a tupperware-like container. Hanrahan sums it up best “Ladies, Gentleman, and children alike – this is a chemical food. There is absolutely no nutrition here”.

A few years back my dear uncle was babysitting my then 3 year old daughter. He knew I was a foodie, farmer’s market, granola-munching mama, and still he took my most precious cargo to Burger King for lunch. My reaction was akin to someone giving my child gasoline. I told him I’d rather her starve than eat that “food”. I actually told my daughter to scream for help if anyone every took her into a Mc-anything-like “restaurant” again. Perhaps I acted extreme and yes, I kow there’s the chance she’ll live off the stuff during her college years in some act of rebellion. It’s just not going to happen on my watch.

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Give Me a Break


Spring break is days away. Looking for some fun over the ten day break or just a quick getaway on the weekend? Friend and fellow mom, Alison Lowenstein has just the remedy in her new book City Weekends: Greatest Escapes and Weekend Getaways In and Around New York City. I missed her party at BookCourt in Carroll Gardens this week (forgot my wallet and had to wait for the Mr. to rescue me from doing restaurant dishes and pay the check—I’m convinced the afterbirth was really my brain).

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