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Sowing the Seeds

photo by Liliya Zakharchenko

The recession has me worried for many reasons. Yes, there are concerns about making the mortgage, saving for college and hoping we can continue to pay the $1,000 a month for family insurance. That’s right folks, it’s no typo—my husband and I are both freelancers and it costs close to a grand to insure a family of four in the Big Apple. But I digress, or do I? My real concern during these tough economic times is what will happen to the momentum local farming gained in recent years. It’s a well documented fact that diet and health go hand in hand.

I’ve already seen the difference in my shopping habits. I opt for organic milk at Trader Joe’s over the Ronnybrook or Milk Thistle at the Greenmarket. We go through a gallon plus a week between my dairy queen daughter and recipe testing—that’s a savings of $6 to $8 alone. The Environmental Working Group’s dirty dozen list has helped me navigate which fruits and veggies are an organic or farmer’s market must (apples, peaches, strawberries, lettuce). I hope the First Lady’s new plans for a White House vegetable garden signal the much needed change this country needs in its respect and value for the food we eat. I also hope it makes food free of pesticides, harmful chemicals and antibiotics more affordable. Should we be willing to spend a little more for that insurance. Yes, but as a twitter friend said recently “the answer can’t just be pay more”.

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Media & Motherhood


A mother’s work is never done doesn’t begin to explain it. Should we all be concerned about Nickelodeon putting ratings and fear of lawsuits first? Yes. Help get Chris Brown off the ballot. Until then, tune out and let the kids watch some non-Nick DVDs. Here’s what other moms are saying over at ABCnews.com.

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